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David Kries
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I rode in my first mountain bike race on May 4, 2013. The Aliso Woods Wilderness Park race is part of something called the OC Parks Tour 2013 put on by the fine race organizers at Endurostuff. Here's what the result looks like on Strava: Strava profile of first race.

The race photographer got a nice picture of me bombing down Rockit Trail: Aliso Woods Wilderness Park race - Rockit downhill - David Kries. The craziest thing that happened was some younger guy on a full-suspension bike caught and passed me and my hardtail on the hairy part of Rockit. I stayed right on his tail, and when we reached the steep hairpin at the end of Rockit, he tried to pull away from me. His front tire washed out in the turn, and he went down hard, but bounced back to his feet. "Way to take a fall," I said as I passed the stunned rider. I never saw him again, even though I looked back to see if he was coming after me again later.

I ended up with first place in my age category, which wasn't terribly impressive considering there were just a couple 50+ riders. What I was more pleased with was the fact that I'd have finished second in the 19 to 29 year-old bracket. A fun moment at the end of the race is when the professional riders passed me by on Westridge. These guys had ridden a much longer course, so I was slightly ahead of them with just a few miles left. I could hear them flying up behind me so I moved over to let them pass. It was two young guys who would take first and second place overall, and they were neck-and-neck. "Nice work ... keep on cranking!" I said to the guy nearest me as he passed, which gave him a big grin.

So I've got another year to prep for the 2014 race. Good people, great course, well-organized, and on my home turf - if you're 50+, come check it out. There's room for plenty more.

Forty years ago, I rose early each morning, folded newspapers and stuffed them in a big sack. I poked my head through a hole in the sack, mounted my bike, and headed for the hills. How well I remember grinding up the steep hills above my neighborhood to deliver that 40-pound load of papers. Here's me proudly setting off for deliveries one morning after I finally bought a rack to hold the paper bag:

Dynamic Kreature (David Kries) delivering papers, 1974

You'd think that experience would have put me off of climbing, but apparently instead it has fueled a life-long craving to conquer steep hills on a bike. That craving is embodied in a club I have founded on Strava, the Million Foot Club. You can see the weekly summary of the activities on that club here:

This week in the Million Foot Club

This video from College Humor summed up my earlier feelings about Instagram: Look At This Instagram.

But, of course, now that I have an Instagram account, I'm quite taken with it: Instagram - David Kries. My favorite picture so far is probably the Tiger Swallowtail because it was a one in a million shot - I paused on a bike ride when the butterfly about fifty feet away, and sure enough, it came straight at me, and seemed to be challenging me. Lots of bravado from a bug that weighs about a gram at most.

The sunset shot of my wife touches my heart the most. The rest of my pictures reflect my love of exploring trails and looking out on vistas. Maybe I've embraced the cliches that I once mocked. But I promise, no pictures of plates of food.

Hang on, I need to get this duck. Hold still ...

I sent an e-mail in response to the story on Strava in the January issue of Outside Magazine.

The editors were kind enough to publish it in their Between the Lines section here:

Letter to Editor regarding Strava, Outside Magazine, March 2013 Issue, from David Kries

Here it is as it appeared in the print issue:

David Kries's Letter to the Editor in March 2013 Outside Magazine

Click the link below for a selection of articles from L.A. Times, Bicycling, Coast Compute, OC Family, Skydiving, and other magazines and newspapers, as well as some corporate work:

Professional Writing Samples: Computer, Software, Newspaper, and Magazine Articles by David Kries

I've spent much of my life pursuing sports that involved controlled falling, for reasons that were dimly understood at first.

Seemingly a self-destructive activity, I've learned that my passion for gravity and downhill sports has more to do with clearing away negative thoughts and depression through a focus on the immediate challenges of negotiating dangerous terrain.

The end result has been a sort of liberation, and a perpetual youthful vitality, as well as some awesome photo opportunities.

You can read more about it here:

Battling Gravity - A chronicle of downhill adventures by David Kries

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  • Here's a link to an oldie but goodie that recently turned up in Google Books:

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